Lloyd’s Register Verification Certificate number: 0038/CPR/CFO6020618

Lloyd’s Register Verification Certificate number: 0038/CPR/CFO6020618

Welded – PW

This type of grating is most commonly used for service and industrial platforms.

The bearing bars placed edgeways are connected with tetrahedral, twisted cover rods, embedded with a force of 1000 kN and also welded at 2500 kVA.

Grating typePW (presswelded) keevisrest
MaterialSteel- zinc coated
Aluminum- anodized
Stainless Steel- etched
Bearing bar size:In accordance with the load table- max. L = 12 000 mm
Binding bar size:Twisted tetrahedral rod d=6mm- max. L = 1250 mm
Cell:Bearing bar (c-c) mmBinding bar (c-c) mm
Sheet format:Standard or custom size6100x1000 mm
Framing:According to ordersee Framing
Anti-skid protection:Notched bearing bar
- R10 angle 10-19 grades
- R11 angle 19-27 grades
Example:PW34x76/30x3 mm1000x1000 mmZinc-coated, framed
TypeCellBearing barFormatNecessary processing

Nowadays it’s very actual to use strong, available simple in use and high-quality materials as welded metal gratings. Metal gratings find application in those fields of industry where high reliability is necessary. Paving elements, bearing elements of designs and floors in industrial facilities can be rated as such objects. Welded metal gratings are made of steady strips of different sizes and special connecting cross bars which are joined with strips by means of contact welding.

Low-carbonaceous steel is used in production of metal gratings , such metals as stainless steel and aluminum can be also applied. Finished products are often covered with hot zinc. The main advantages of welded grating are almost complete elimination of misstatement in case of loading and a possibility of usage of long elements between supports. Welded metal gratings possess wear resistance, durability and nice-looking appearance. Thanks to these characteristics modern welded gratings are advantageous and attractive material for use in various range of application. Gratings are produced in any size.

NB! The data provided is informative. Specify the exact specification with the supplier.