Lloyd’s Register Verification Certificate number: 0038/CPR/CFO6020618

Lloyd’s Register Verification Certificate number: 0038/CPR/CFO6020618


Most of the metal gratings can be ordered with notched edges of bands.

Depending on type and material, grating can be provided with notched edge for bearing bars either bearing and cross bars. Framing can be done in the same mode.

The teeth can be made at different angles and with different step.

Most distributed standard of teeth is SR4, which is used on bearing bars either on both of bars.

Sharp or such called saw-teeth, which are used on bearing either on bearing and cross bars.

The safest gratings are metal gratings with protection against sliding. In case of production of metal gratings on the integumentary and bearing strips establish special notched edges of bands. Such gratings are held for use in those places where a high probability of emergence of sliding. It is, for example, the industry, building sites, observation decks, ladders, various platforms which can ice over or on which there is a risk, spills, some liquid, for example, lubricating oil. Non-slip metal gratings are made of low-carbonaceous steel that allows a grating to move much less to corrosion influence.

It is also possible to note that non-slip metal gratings are reliability, durability, easy, convenience in operation, a minimum of costs in case of installation, esthetic appearance. Anti-skid metal gratings can be divided into three main categories: the first, are floorings with trapezoid ‘teeth’ which are applied only on the bearing strips, the second, the trellised flooring having notched edges of bands on both strips and the third category is metal gratings which have anti-skid ‘teeth’ only on a binding strip.

At ladder steps or other edges levels with the perforation interfering sliding can be made. Stair treads and other edges can be provided with safety nosing.