Lloyd’s Register Verification Certificate number: 0038/CPR/CFO6020618

Lloyd’s Register Verification Certificate number: 0038/CPR/CFO6020618

Louvers – LG

The Flat-Slat or Round-Slat metal louvers gratings – LG

Louver gratings will always find a use wherever people don’t want other people to peer through — on bridges, gangways, elevated walkways, ventilation grilles, balconies with sun shield function and building exteriors.

Grating type:LG (louver grating)
Material:Steel- zinc-coated
Aluminum- anodized
Stainless steel- etched
Size of bearing bar:25x2/25x3 mm40x2/40x3 mm60x2/60x3 mm90x3 mm
30x2/30x3 mm45x2/45x3 mm70x3 mm100x3 mm
35x2/35x3 mm50x2/50x3 mm80x3 mm-
Size of binding bar:Level with bearing bar
Cell:Bearing bar (c-c) mmBinding bar (c-c) mm
Sheet format:Custom size
Framing:Steel band
Example:LG66x33/50x3 mm1000x1000 mmAlu-anodized
TypeCellBearing barSheet formatNecessary processing

Purpose of louver gratings – blinds is very different. Most often, they are used for restriction of the overview (a barrier to strangers’ curiosity), for sun protection, for light or air flow directing. It is one of subspecies of integral gratings and it’s special feature is the form of levels – they can be flat or bent. Such louver gratings are used in construction of parking walls, shelters, buildings fronts, walking paths and sidewalks.

Various caps, ventilating grates , cooling systems are also created by means of gratings -blinds of LG (louver grating) a grating blinds, as well as any integral grating, has the identical height arrangement of bearing and integumentary strip relative to a surface , and is made by a pressing method too. Most often material, from which such gratings are made, is the anodized aluminum or galvanized steel (on requirement – corrosion-proof and acid-proof). The principle of material choice is connected with purpose of a grating. For easy ventilating designs, the cooling systems, the anodized aluminum is most often used.

When forming designs requiring increased durability and wear resistance and considering high weight – the usage of galvanized steel or corrosion-proof acidproof steel is naturally more preferable. Parking walls and building fronts can be an example of such designs. You will be able to order necessary option on our website.

NB! The data provided is informative. Specify the exact specification with the supplier.