Lloyd’s Register Verification Certificate number: 0038/CPR/CFO6020618

Lloyd’s Register Verification Certificate number: 0038/CPR/CFO6020618

Offshore – OSP

As its name suggests, offshore grating was originally developed for use on offshore oil rigs. Basically a press welded grating, it is strengthened by round bars welded beneath the twisted cross bars and in the same direction as the bearing bars. See the photo to the right. Mesh spacing 38.28 x 101.6 mm with round bar welded on beneath so that a test ball 15 mm in diameter cannot fall through.

Grating type:OSP (offshore) welded grating
Material:Steel- zinc-coated
Stainless steel- etched
Bearing bar size:In accordance with the load table- max. L = 6100 mm
Binding bar size:Twisted tetrahedral rod d=6 mm- max. L = 1250 mm
Cell:Bearing bar (c-c) mmBinding bar (c-c) mm
Sheet format:Standard or custom size6100x1000 mm
Framing:According to ordersee Framing
Anti-skid protection:Notched bearing bar
- R10 angle 10-19 grades
- R11 angle 19-27 grades
Example:OSP38x101/30x3 mm1000x1000 mmzinc-coated, framed
TypeCellBearing barSheet formatRequired processing

Profiled decking gratings are the material which has anti-skid properties. They are intended for usage in places where there is a danger of sliding. There are several types of shaped lattices which are used in different spheres of consumption, depending on various properties and special features of design.

Profiled decking gratings kind of “Offshore” have an average parameters of resistance to pollution and anti-skid properties. These decking gratings are specially formulated for usage on offshore oil platforms where there is a probability of emergence of sliding because of an oil leakage. On a design they are more similar to welding lattices. Between the bearing strips the bar, which is located parallel to strips that helps to prevent hit of fine details in lattices, is welded. Aluminum , stainless black steel and galvanized steel can serve as a material for production of decking gratings.

The combination of such properties as durability, ease and usability in servicing, allows to solve many complex problems by means of this functional material . Thanks to its beautiful appearance, decking gratings can be used as a wall covering.

NB! The data provided is informative. Specify the exact specification with the supplier.