Lloyd’s Register Verification Certificate number: 0038/CPR/CFO6020618

Lloyd’s Register Verification Certificate number: 0038/CPR/CFO6020618

Stair Treads

Stairs are made from all types of gratings and profiles, a standard size or customer size respectively. Including also made treads to spiral staircases. These treads are supplied as necessary, as with the sleeve and without.

Also we produce profiled treads for ladders.

Treads to easily and quickly installed by using holes located on the side plates of treads. Profile, adjoining to the sidewalls of treads, can be either metal or wood.

According to DIN 24531 all our manufactured or supplied treads are equipped with a perforated plank of safety (safety nosing).

One of the most important details of an interior in multi-level rooms is the stair. It’s appearance and an arrangement in many respects determine placement of all other details of the interior. Besides it doesn’t matter whether house it is an interior, either office, or production – the stair and its steps have equally essential value. Moreover, the key requirement to the stairs is safety of use – except decorative function and directly an opportunity to rise or go down.

We offer stair treads of metal grating and various profiled surfaces for steps. Production of such treads is made from all types of a gratings and a profiled surfaces and by those sizes which are necessary for the embodiment of your ideas in life. We can make for you treads – details of a spiral staircase and to deliver them to you with a sleeve or without. Production of treads for stairs, simply crossbeams will be simpler option. Such stairs are extremely easy mounted by means of openings on side plates; and the profiled surfaces on which they fasten can be both from metal, and from a tree (as that is required by your project).

In production of our products we don’t forget about safety – according to DIN 24531 regulation all trellised stair treads delivered and made by us are supplied with the punched safety edge.

Generally tasks on production of treads arrive on production of the so-called FIN type, the most widespread in the northern countries and as result, treads of this kind usually are available. However, according to your order we are ready to execute treads of any type and the size!

Mainly we produce and store treads with depth and side plates called FIN-model, wich common in use in states of north area, but on request we also manufacture other types of treads and sizes.