Metal Grids

We offer the most widespread sheet metal grids: welded grids, wattled grids, cutting-out-expanded grids, and also some classifying sections and filtering grids. Metal sheet grids have became literally irreplaceable.

Sheet grids are very various:

  • the grid made by wires interlacing;
  • from non-ferrous metals or from alloyed steel;
  • cutting-out-expanded steel grid;
  • the grid which is flattened out, a grid of a welded design, etc.

The grids of welded design is used in building and in agro-industrial complex. Welded grids from metal are made of a wire of different thickness, different size of cells.

More often application:

  • in case of arrangement of fencings and open-air cages;
  • when strengthening roads and embankments, reinforcing structural system;
  • when strengthening a laying and concreting a surface of floors, etc.

The wattled design of grids is less strong and has worse characteristics of rigidity than welded or expanded design.

For a pleasant sight of a structural system and increase in term of longevity, the grid can be painted. Grids can be galvanized, or made from corrosion-proof or non-ferrous metal.

Cutting-out-expanded grids is made of a thin sheet of steel and serves for deduction of a plaster layer or hard putty during the front works. A more thicker grid is applied as a flooring for a floor and steps, as elements of barriers, for sifting of various fractions.

Metal sheet grids are manufactured nowadays in various types, sizes and characteristics . Broad application and demand for these structural systems are caused by needs and indispensability of this material. Sheet grids are the suitable material for production of fences, partitions, gates, ladder barriers, window gratings and other elements of furniture and interior.Normal, stainless and acid-proof steel, aluminum serve as material.

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