Imagine you are trying to describe a mesh grate to somebody totally ignorant of building or design. It is very likely to get in return a shaking head and something like “Ok, enough. I can fancy it, rather”. But we are sure that it cannot be fancied. It must be perceived.

We invite our customers to stroll on a floor made of metal grating assembled beneath the vaults of industrial buildings, to climb up a grill ladder leading to an overhead crane cabin, to walk on gangways and scaffolding between oil tanks, and to descend to the ground by wide fire escape ladders. Nobody can remain indifferent upon trying such a stable and reliable flooring which is at the same time… totally transparent.

What is the trick? The mesh grate surface is, actually, an 80-percent hole. That is why stepping thereupon seems like walking in the air. Grating design is based on high load capability of a steel bar when set on the edge and securely fixed.

There are much more mesh grating applications than it can be thought of on the spot, thanks to the following properties: first, low material content at astoundingly high static rigidity; second, easy assembly and disassembly; third, transparency to natural light. 

Safety is another property of grating which shall be mentioned specifically. The fact is that interior partitions, shelves, staircase railings made of mesh grating are permeable to not only air and light, but water, too, which feature is important for the use of fire sprinkler systems.

Therefore, there is hardly any alternative to light, rigid and porous grill flooring and footsteps for industrial applications. Moreover, it is the material of many advantages in civil engineering, as well. Thus, it is highly applicable to wheelchair ramps, boot scrapers, roof service platforms, railings, fencing and other structures.

A specific feature of our product is applicability to both large projects and individual customers. Anyone who is building a house, renovating or doing alterations to an office can select a number of suitable materials from our range. It is absolutely up to you to find the appropriate application, for a finely finished item can be used for framing or load-bearing elements as well as purely decorative purposes.

Our products are also widely used for escape and fire ladders in shopping malls, residential and office buildings. Platforms and footsteps can be designed and shaped as required, made of grating with various thicknesses of load bearing bars or cell sizes, which makes it applicable to both pedestrian and driving areas. Additional anti-slip protection may be provided.

We offer hot-dip galvanised black steel grating, stainless steel grating. Besides, we can configure and size the grates according to the customer’s request. And where grating with no weight is required, we can offer aluminium.

We may daresay that application is the product of client’s imagination, architect’s and engineer’s efforts and, of course, actual design specifications and requirements. However, to summarise the industries of use, the following ones can be listed:

  • Civil engineering and industrial construction
  • Energy, extraction and processing of commercial minerals
  • Chemical industry
  • Agriculture
  • Ports and warehouses
  • Food industry (stainless steel grating)
  • Wood and metal processing

Feel free to contact us in case of query. Our experience since 2000 is at your disposal.

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