Stair steps

Stair steps can be produced from grating and profile of whatever type, can be of a standard or custom size. Also, we can produce steps for spiral stairs (only at request and by the customer’s drawings).

Further, we offer shaped stairs (treads) for ladders. For details see Stairs section.

The stairs are made from hot-dip galvanised steel or acid-etched stainless steel. aluminium grating is also available.

The stairs can be easily installed by means of the holes in the side plates. The bars adjoining the side plates can be either metal or wooden.

According to DIN 24531, all the grating stairs we produce and offer feature perforated safety contact edges in the front.

We offer two basic stair types: FIN and DE. The principle difference between those two type is the positions of holes in the side plates. For further details on mounting of stairs and position of holes click FIN or DE li.

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