Foot cleaning gratings

Here we offer boot & shoe scrapers to be placed at the entrance into any site. Just provide us with required dimensions, quantity and, where needed, a clear drawing. The grate may be not rectangular or may have cut-outs.

Such a grate would enable you to keep a house, shop, office, restaurant, or any other site or premises accessible from the outdoors, clean and neat.

We are absolutely sure that even if not our direct customer, you have trodden over our grates and left the dust from your soles therein since 2000.

In 2001 we furnished two entrances into the famous Coca-Cola Plaza cinema with such grates. Don’t miss the chance to witness them with your own eyes while going to watch a film: for over a score years they prove the quality of our products there.

Boot scrapers can be either welded or press-locked. Follow the respective link to learn more about the materials and assembly technique of each method: Press welded gratings for welded grates and Press-locked gratings for press-locked ones, respectively.

You may need a frame to mount your scraper on, and we can make it at your request following a clear drawing, if you order the grate by our company, too.

Please, feel free to submit an order or inquiry, and we will readily make you an offer!

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