Expanded Grids (Slotted Mesh)

Slotted and drawn mesh is a type of metal mesh produced by slitting and then drawing a metal sheet. This process creates a unique structure with diamond-shaped or circular holes, providing high strength with less weight.

The main advantages of this mesh are. Briefly

  • The specific manufacturing method gives the mesh exceptional strength and rigidity.
  • Due to the slitting and drawing technology, more mesh is produced from one sheet of metal, which reduces material costs.
  • The variety of shapes and sizes of holes allows the use of cut-and-pull mesh in design and architectural solutions.

Examples of use

  • In construction and architecture: Building facades, partitions, ceilings and fences.
  • In industry: Machine guards, ventilation grilles, filters.
  • Interior and exterior design: Decorative elements, furniture, landscaping.

Stability and safety

Wire mesh is highly resistant to corrosion and weathering, especially if it is made of stainless steel or treated with special coatings. Its use also helps to improve the safety of facilities due to the strength and reliability of the material.

Wire mesh combines unique characteristics of strength, economy and aesthetic flexibility, making it a sought-after material in a wide range of applications.


Expanded Grids (Slotted Mesh) Expanded Grids (Slotted Mesh) Expanded Grids (Slotted Mesh)
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