Profiled Surfaces

Good water – and air permeability, a nonskid surface and resistance to large loads is typical of profile panels. Profiles are made from different materials and with different patterns.

Profile panels are used where the covering, subjected to big pedestrian loading and providing a safe and extended surface with good appearance, and on objects of a civil and social significance is required.

Each ladder is created of steps. Steps are also determine its final practicality, durability and appearance. Profile panels for steps are an interesting option for steps . It is reasonable to use them where steps are exposed to high loading (in the form of a big pedestrian flow, for example),so they are mostly often used on objects of social significance. Such profile panels differ in increased durability as they are carried out generally from galvanized or corrosion-proof and acid-proof steel, they have rather nice appearance, good water penetration and air permeability and a nonskid surface that allows to move safely on them even in frosty or rainy weather.

Profile panels are made for steps from different materials and with different patterns, depending on the customer’s wishes. The principle of the material choice is based on expected loads, an allowable weight of a final structural design and on its final cost, and the pattern is getting out of the list of offerings, or is made on order – according to the client’s sketch.

We offer such options of patterns: Stepbloc, Stepclair, Stephuit, Aderstep, Airstep, Bostep, Steplarm, Step plus and Formstep. The choice of one of these patterns depends only on your preferences. You will be able to create regular and even screw ladders from such profiles.

In general, production of steps from profile panels gives you the chance to increase the usage safety and provides the new direction for your imagination – an opportunity to think up a unique pattern for a profile, or to choose from already existing the one which will be the best for you Our consultants will help you with the choice, and our company will make the chosen steps from profile panels.

The steps for both regular and spiral staircases are produced from profile panels . The additional information can be found in sections.

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