Perforated Sheets

In Europe the perforated sheet metal is already used for a long time both for inner and out siding. In Estonia the perforated tin is used by over 10 years. This material can be used as a good alternative to normal sheet metal.

Different types of sheets are available from stock or upon request in 2 weeks:

  • Round holes: staggered / square pitch (RT-RV/RU-RG);
  • Square holes: staggered/ square pitch (CT-QV/CU-QG);
  • Hexagonal, slotted holes: staggered pitch (HT-LR);
  • Creativ Line / decorative holes: (DP-TP);
  • Textured sheets.

Material: steel, zinc coated steel, stainless steel.
Thickness: 0.5 – 10.0 mm.
Sizes: 1000 x 2000 mm; 1250 x 2500 mm; 1500 x 3000 mm or custom size.
Coating: paint, varnish, polishing 240 1/2-2/2, PVC coating.

All materials can be ordered according to the specification and size given by the customer.

Perforated sheets are rather often used option for inner and out siding of buildings. Rather simple production and availability made them available in Estonia more than ten years ago. The perforated sheets became an alternative to normal sheet material for siding thanks to opportunity to create decorative patterns on the trimmed surfaces, to reduce the weight and cost of the spent material without loss of durability and utility of siding.

Such types of perforated sheets by the form of perforation are available in our warehouses:

  • Round: triangular/square arrangement (RT-RV/RU-RG);
  • Quadrangular: triangular / square arrangement (CT-QV/CU-QG);
  • Hexagonal, slit-like: intermittent arrangement (HT-LR);
  • Creativ Line/decorative: various patterns (DP-TP);
  • Relief sheets.

Steels serves as the material for perforated sheets. Depending on the use conditions, the choice is made between galvanized steel and acid-proof stainless steel. Standard thickness of one sheet can vary between 0,5 mm and 10 mm, depending on requirements. Varnish, paint or a polyvinylchloride film can serve as a covering for the sheet or it can also be provided without covering, simply ground.

The separate direction of the perforated sheets usage is production of furniture, barriers, elements and details of an industrial equipment, sound barriers. We are glad to make the perforated sheets of the necessary size and form for you or to provide them from the warehouse!

All products offer unlimited opportunities for use both inside and outside. They can be used in the manufacture of furniture, home offices, fences, as elements of industrial equipment, sound barriers, etc.

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