Full gratings

Full grating is a press-fit grating with bearing bars and cross bars of equal height cut out to the middle. A bearing bar is the one which leans against a support with both ends and has no slots on the lower edge.

Such kind of grating benefits from unique design, but has much lower load bearing capacity than press-locked or pressure-welded one, having bearing bars cut out to the middle (in multiples of the cell size). Using it on walkable surfaces is a waste of money, for such grating requires larger and thicker bars, than others, to be able to bear a certain load.

Solid grating is a great solution for façade decorations, capable of protecting against sunlight: similar bars in both directions really can better restrict sunbeams falling at various angles. Besides, it can be used as vent grills or banister filling, in other words, in any vertical application. Provided that, please, note, that solid grating is twice as costly as press-locked or pressure-welded due to, actually, double use of material.

Full grating can be made from steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

Any cell size of standard press-locked grating is available for full grating.

The maximum dimensions of a finished module are 2000 mm by the bearing bar and 1200 mm by the cross bar.

The minimum bar sizes are 30×2 mm for the bearing bars and 30×2 mm for the cross bars. Edging – 30×3mm.

The maximum bar sizes are 70×2 mm for the bearing bars and 70×2 mm for the cross bars. Edging – 70×3mm.

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Full gratings Full gratings
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