Press welded gratings

Manufactured in Estonia from start to finish!

We are an Estonian manufacturer of hot-rolled steel and stainless steel press welded gratings – the only actual manufacture of press welded grating in the Baltic states and Finland.

It is one of the commonest grating designs due to its stability and rigidity as well as ability to be shaped and configured to the most demanding customer’s needs.

Such kind of grating is mostly used for service and industrial needs and premises. However, there is a new trend born in the last decade to use it in façade applications, in particular, in the Baltic states.

Main materials: S235JR steel, AISI304 and AISI316 stainless steel.

The load bearing bars and twisted four-sided covering rods are arc-welded together under pressure at 1000 kN, thus, to make a work piece 6000 mm long by the load bearing bar and 1000 mm wide by the covering rod, with a pre-defined cell size.

Further, the work piece is used to produce finished gratings by the customer’s dimensions. Certain customers prefer to order finished panels, galvanised, with no posttreatment or no hot-dip galvanising.

We advise against on-site cutting of galvanised panels sized 6000×1000 mm into finished gratings, as the cut edges remain untreated and, therefore, require cold galvanising, which is no long-lasting corrosion protection, giving the climatic conditions of use. We, as a manufacturer, cut the grating into required segments, frame the exposed edges with a strip sized to the load bearing bar, on perimeter. Only thereafter it is subject to hot-dip galvanising.

The wide range of cell dimensions and load bearing bar sizes provides appropriate solution for almost any grating application at various sites.

Having the equipment required to produce pressure-welded gratings here in Estonia, we can reduce the delivery terms for small and mid-size orders.

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