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We have been with You since 2000, who knows, how long it will be more time, this not so important! We understand, that for us important present time and what we do and how we do. We are not the first and not the best, but we believe, that we do real and trustable product, Gratings, by our hand and machines with love, here in Estonia.

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About us

In spring 2000 METAL-DISAIN started as an independent company in the Estonian market of metals and metal products. Similar to what we began with, we currently offer a wide range of metal gratings of various kinds, including stainless steel, perforated sheets, welded, woven and drawn metal meshes.

Our experience shows that metal grating is going to be of high demand and grow popular, steadily and worldwide. Therefore, it was reasonably easy to decide to invest in Estonia in cooperation with our main partner, a grating maker from Germany. We have purchased all the equipment required to produce welded metal grating, including stainless steel, and today METAL DISAIN is the only full-cycle grating manufacturer in the region of the Baltic states and Finland. 

We are well aware of the fact that being dedicated solely to trade is fine and much easier than being a real manufacturer, subject to manifold increase of risks, expenses, etc. But we durst to take on the challenge. We like to make something real. That is our contribution to the economy and development of Estonia. We are proud of being the first Baltic company in our industry.

Our mission is to meet the most contradictory and sophisticated demands of our clients. We are focused on large-scale corporations as well as individuals just willing to renovate their houses. Feel free to visit or call us to get professional assistance in all matters related to our products. Together we shall discuss all technical details and costs of different options. Our experience since 2000 is at your disposal. Just make a choice.

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